Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener

There’s nothing more annoying than that hard to open clamshell packaging that seems to be in use for every single gadget and electronic item sold today. Even Amazon has started to sell a limited selection of “Frustration Free Packaging items. But for the majority of items today still have the clamshell, so something like the Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener is super handy.
Powered by 2 AA batteries, the device gently glides around the package when you press the button and opens your package, free of frustration. Avoid wrap rage! You can open blister packs quickly and easily without injury to yourself (I’ve cut myself on these packages before, others have too). Neat gadget.

Buy Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener at Think Geek

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