The Greatest Remote Control Ever Created

I’ve I had one of these, I would never leave the couch again. This awesome remote can control up to 9 components, with 630 preset codes for easy setting and 12 one touch system control functions allowing for 16 consecutive operations with a single button press, high powered infrared for increased range and better wide angle operation, memory backup of your programmed codes and macros, illuminated buttons, AND IT HAS A FREAKIN’ BUILT IN BOTTLE OPENER.

Yes you can open a beer and control your TV with the same device. This is a real game changer folks. This is the DVR of remotes. You can’t go back to a normal non-opener remote once you’ve gone opener. It looks pretty nice too. Available from My Clicker for an undisclosed price and you’ll have to call them up to order.

via crunchgear