Review: V-Moda Vibrato in-ear Headphones

V-Moda sent us over a pair of their V-Moda Vibrato headphones to review. The first thing we notices was the impressive diamond-like shaped packaging. The package tells the world that I just spent $129.99 on a pair of in-ear headphones. So you’re probably thinking what we were thinking when we hear that number- how good can earphones that pricey really be? The answer: really good.

The sound quality was SIGNIFICANTLY better than the standard white Apple earbuds that I (and many people) use frequently. The clarity of the highs and rumble of the bass was on-par with what you can expect to hear from full size can-style headphones but in a much smaller and portable package. The sound was much fuller and richer.

Everything on these headphones is premium quality; the cord is kevlar reinforced fabric style that won’t get tangled up too badly or break. The earbuds are made of a tough zinc metal with a unique diamond-like shape (that was mimicked in the packaging). They are lightweight but feel like they are very solidly constructed. The earbuds came with 8 silicone ear fittings and detachable ear hooks (and a pouch to store everything). I found them to be quite comfortable once I found the right size fitting and used the ear hooks to keep them tightly in place.

Along the cord was a three button microphone and volume control. I felt like it was placed a little too high on the cord for comfortable volume control usage but since it’s also a microphone it does have to placed near the mouth, so there’s little they can do about that. According to the people I talked to on the phone using the mic, my voice was very clear.

V-Moda has a done a great job with the Vibrato– packing a lot of sound and style into a small package. Clearly these are not for everyone but if you want quality full sized headphone sound in an in-ear sized headphone, the Vibrato is ideal.

The big question- are they worth $129? Well I don’t know your budget but if you were considering anywhere near that much for a pair of regular headphones and earbud style headphones are better for your logistically (whether you travel or commute or whatever) then yes they are 100% worth looking into.