Remote Controlled Beer Cooler

The weekend just got a little bit better with
The Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler.
Getting off the couch to get beer, that’s for suckers! The remote beer cooler (yeah yeah they’re calling it a “beverage” cooler, but come on, it’s for beer) is powered by a 6 C batteries and can hold up to 12 cans or bottles and ice (up to 22 lbs total). It has a 40 foot range, and sides of insulated water-resistant vinyl to keep your brews cold for hours. The whole thing is collapsible and has a shoulder strap so you can take it poolside or wherever.

While we can’t condone an attitude like this guys:

we certainly condone anything that will bring beer to you without having to get up off the couch.

buy the remote beverage cooler at hammacher for $69.95

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