Floating Couch with Cooler Means Never Having to Leave the Pool

Get in the pool or lake with your favorite beverage and stay there all day long! With The Floating Couch And Cooler. you can sit and relax in an overisized inflatable lounge chair and drink to your heart’s content with a built-in cooler. As long as your heart’s content doesn’t mean more than 15 cans of your favorite drink.

That’s .5 cubic feet of of beverage storage with a build in drain for emptying excess liquid. Speaking of draining excess liquid, if you plan on sitting in this relaxing chair all day long drinking 15 cans of something, please make sure you’re in a “pool” and not an “ool” because there’s no P in the “ool” please keep it that way. Otherwise you’ll have to leave your seat to relieve yourself.

But don’t worry if you leave the lounger out alone with your crazy friends or kids, it’s made of heavy-gauge vinyl that resists puncturing and fading and it has reinforced multi-chamber construction for support. At $79.95 from Hammacher, it’s priced competitively with comparable non-cooler floating chairs.