Beer Koozie with a Thermometer

The foam insulator has gone digital with this Kickstarter project, the Koolernaut. The Koolernaut is a Koozie-like sleeve (apparently the term “koozie” is trademarked even though it’s in the common vernacular like Xerox or Kleenex…ugh) that has a digital thermometer to tell you how cold you beer is. And how cold should your beer be for optimal taste? Well there’s a handy chart on the back:
koolernaut back
The Koolernaut’s thermometer activates once you insert a beer. It’s made of thick sturdy foam to keep your brew cold. There’s also a specially designed “ice puck” freezer pack that slips in underneath your beer to chill your beer if you need it. Does a beer koozie really need a thermometer? Probably not, but do we really need any beer accessories? Heck I don’t even need a glass, just pour it right from the tap into my mouth and I’m good to go. Regardless, we still think it’s a really cool idea and it could definitely come in handy for serious beer drinkers out there even if you’re just serious about cheap beer.