Pac-man Rings

I love copyright infringement avoidance names. Here’s another one with these Pac-man rings; they’re actually called “Hungry Fingers“. Ok there. And they’re conveniently shown in front of a maze of dots and power pellets just like our famed yellow friend. They look like a fun set of plastic rings although they seem overly pricey at $20.

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  • $20! Maybe in 1981, but other than that, someone needs to take their head out of the sand and rejoin the real world.

  • […] These “Hungry Fingers” rings might seem a little familiar but seriously they obviously can’t be based off of any major gaming franchise from the 80’s. Why would anyone so blatantly steal an idea? Aside from the future lawsuit against this indie artist aside and the slightly overpriced $20 pricetag (I’m sure much higher for shipping to America,) you have to admit these are kind of neat in an “I would never wear these, ever” kind of way! Gaming nostalgia and references are huge sellers these days, with how prevalent (see: acceptable, normal, commonplace) in society gaming has truly become. Hell, the new President of the United States owns a Wii! Gaming no longer puts you into a bastard sub-class in society and is not only normal but finally encouraged, geeky indie artist projects like this just helps to prove that. So while not something any of us would buy, they should be celebrated in their own right for how far gaming has come! Take a look at Helpless Romantic for these and other strange and interesting things! [via:Craziest Gadgets] […]

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