A Few Cool Wedding Rings

Who ever said that wedding rings need to be boring or frilly? Or *gasp* non-functional? Easy there Ron Swanson, check out this trio of cool rings we found that have some attitude. They’re like the Fonz of rings (outdated reference? sorry, referencing the Fonz will never jump the shark). Left to right above, you’ve got the titanium Piston Ring:

Flick the little thumbwheel and the piston actually moves back and forth. I guess this one is for “car guys” and the mechanically inclined. Also people who feel the need to endlessly fidget with something. Next up is the Camera Lens Ring:

The lens ring is made of black zirconium and is for the photographer. No not the photographer of the wedding, the groom who is a photographer. Although it would make a nice gift for your photographer too. That was confusing. Less confusing is the AF and MF switches and realistic looking markings on this ring. Remember to let the pros take your pictures at your own wedding- no selfies. Lastly is the Multitool Ring:

This titanium ring actually works! Just like a regular multi-tool but much smaller. It’s got a comb, bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade and a small saw. I don’t think you can build a house with this ring but anyone getting this ring is probably so manly that they already build their own house anyway. So there you have it, wedding rings for dudes- they don’t have to be so boring and unmanly.