Maze Pen Keeps Your Meetings Interesting

Meetings in the office are soooooo boring. One can only doodle on their notepad so much before it becomes obvious you’re not paying attention. You could be like someone I used to work with who would just blatantly bring the newspaper into meetings and sit there and read it the whole time no matter who was speaking. But not all of us have the job security to be so obnoxious in front of our bosses. That’s why there’s the more subtle form of distraction like the Maze Pen. Bring the pen to your next meeting or conference call and work the tiny ball from the top of the pen through the maze to the bottom and then back again. To others it will just look like you’re fidgeting with your pen. The pen really works too, in case someone says something noteworthy (doubt it!).

Buy Maze Pen for $1.99.

3 thoughts on “Maze Pen Keeps Your Meetings Interesting

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  2. I was given two of these at a workshop a few months ago and I did enjoy them. It didn’t write well, but it did entertain. I still have them on my desk.

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