35mm Slides Made into Curtains

slides curtains
35mm slides are pretty much an outdated technology at this point. Nobody is longing for the days when you went over to a friends house and they closed the shades and whipped out the 35mm carousel player and projected their vacation slides onto the wall while you pretended to be interested. But if you have a closet full of 35mm slides you can still use them- as DIY curtains. What’s cool is that they still let the light in while giving you privacy.
35mm slide curtains
These 35mm Slide Curtains were made by connecting an impressive 1152 vintage film slides in mounts with about 7000 rings and 36 curtain rings to make the nearly 6 foot square curtains. They took 4 months to make, which coincidentally is about how long it felt like it took Uncle Georgie to go through his slides from his trip to the Grand Canyon. Oh wow Georgie, another shot of some rocks- so so so so interesting.