Car Tire Mouse

If I’m going to have an impractical, unergonomic mouse, I at least want it to be something cool- like a Ferrari or airplane or a playmate’s mounds or something. I definitely don’t want it to be a car tire. The Wheel USB Optical Mouse from Gadget4All is not even branded like a “cool” tire like Firestone or Bridgestone or whatever and it certainly isn’t riding on sweet rims, but I guess for $14 you can’t expect much. Now if they made a tire mouse with spinner rims, I’d line up to buy it.

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  • larry

    Hello am Larry Miller,
    Am actually interested in Car tire and i will be very happy to hear a fast reply from you if u have it in stock. Reply me with pictures of samples,sizes as well as prices of those u do have in stock and hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Regards

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