Motorcycle Tire Swing

motorcycle tire swing
Ramp up your tire swing game with this badass Chopper Tire Swing. Why settle for just a boring tire on a rope when you can have the entire motorcycle? Since it’s not practical to string up a real chopper on a tree branch, this tire swing is a specially designed replica. It straddles the line between art and fun, just like a real chopper. It’s made from recycled tires, a rubber frame, and stainless steel handlebars and forks.
chopper tire swing
Lean back on the easy rider seat and swing away into the sunset like a kid version of Peter Fonda. The Chopper Tire Swing easily attaches to swing sets or trees with it’s rust-resistant hardware and decay resistant nylon rope.
chopper tire swing grownup
Recommended for ages 3 and up. And by “up” we mean waaaay up because this bad boy can hold up to 175 pounds of inner child. So get your motor runnin’, head out on the (tree) highway, looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way. Measures 54″ x 31″ x 10″.