Pizza Scissors Might be the Worst Kitchen Gadget Ever

Is the pizza scissor really necessary? Is it really that difficult to cut your pizza? This “innovative” kitchen gadget combines scissors with a wedge shaped spatula for lifting out your hard to cut slice. If you’re ordering (or making) pizza with cheese and/or crust that needs a pair of 11 inch kitchen shears in order to cut a slice, you need to find some other pizza. This is a problem. Do you really want to eat uncuttable pizza? I don’t.

Buy it at Amazon: Progressive Pizza Scissors 11.75-in.

UPDATE! They don’t even sell it anymore. Here’s the similar but less-spatula-y Dreamfarm Scizza 12-Inch Pizza Scissors, Red

9 thoughts on “Pizza Scissors Might be the Worst Kitchen Gadget Ever

  1. The Pizza Scissors pictured above is not the Progressive Pizza Scissors. If you follow the link Buy it at Amazon: Progressive Pizza Scissors 11.75-in. above It will take you to the correct and better Pizza Scissors.
    As the inventor of the Progressive Pizza Scissors I hope you will follow the link and check it out. If you have any comments about my Pizza Scissors you can email and check out my other inventions on the market at


  2. thanks for commenting Roger! despite my commentary above, it’s a pretty cool tool.. I’m just a pizza snob. Keep up the inventing!

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  4. Hi

    Please send me the SuperCut scissors price
    And other model (if you have)

    Best Regards

  5. Pizza scissors are great if you are serving children at a daycare, or work with a food demo company. Makes nice and neat sample portions.

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