Top 14 Super Bowl Party Gadgets

Today is the Super Bowl and you’re going to need some crazy gadgets to get you through the big game. Here’s two touchdowns worth of things you should have already bought to make your Superbowl party the best ever. Or not:

Beer Bottle Hoodie
beer hoodie
Because you might just need a free hand or two to scoop the guac or punch the couch in anger during the game.
Microwave Oven with Pizza Drawer
microwave pizza drawer
The Super Bowl is the biggest pizza ordering day of the entire year. So you might just want to order yours a little early to ensure it’s there on time for kickoff. You can always keep it warm in the pizza warming drawer under your microwave if you had this ultimate kitchen gadget.

Snack Capsule

This 4 chambered snack bowl folds up into a ball for storage. It’s the Death Star of snack holders. Sweet!

Disco Ball Keg Holder

What are you storing your party keg in- a bucket? Haha. Buckets are for water. Disco balls are for parties. Party on.

inflatable hands
Go big or go home. The best way to root for your team is to REALLY show up with some proper rooting paraphernalia, so bust out the big inflatable hands for a second half rally.

Beer on a Stick
beer on a stick
This is the Super Bowl, baby- time to go deep with all best beer drinking gadgets. Even if they make no sense. Beer on a stick. Why not?

Corona Lime Bomber
corona lime bomber
Peyton Manning won’t be the only one dropping bombs if you have a Corona Lime Bomber, the ONLY way to properly drop a lime into your brewski. Because those linebacker sausage sized fingers you have aren’t going to fit in the bottle.

90 Second Beer Chiller
90 second beer chiller
No room in the fridge for beer with all that guacamole and dip? No problem, just plop your beers in the chiller, turn the crank and 90 seconds later you’ve got an icy cold one.

RC Beer Cooler
rc beer cooler
The Super Bowl is the one time you DON’T want to miss the commercials (even to get a beer), so you’re going to need something a little automated to bring you the booze. Assuming you don’t already have a butler, this remote controlled beer cooler will do the job just fine- you can still call it Jeeves if you’d like.

Beer Tap System with LCD TV
beer tap lcd
What you don’t have a beer tap system in your house? Oh you do? Does it have a built in LCD TV on it? Cause it should.

Chip Eating Hand
chip hand
The more civilized way to eat chips. It’s how they do it in Japan.

Buffalo wings and the Super Bowl are the ultimate combination. But greasy fingers means dropped footballs. Yeah that makes about as much sense as this gadget does. Enter Trongs finger tongs- the wing eating utensil of the future, today. Keep your fingers clean and only look a little bit ridiculous.

Pizza Scissors
pizza scissors
These things pretty much speak for themselves. You never knew you needed pizza scissors and now you can’t live without them.

Plush Referee Turkey Hat

Because style is everything!