Pizza USB Flash Drive Perfect for Columbus Day Data

In honor of Columbus Day here in the US, how about a pizza shaped USB flash drive? This 4GB drive can hold all your pizza-making secret recipes and maybe even a database of all the great pizza places in the US (the best are all in New York City, by the way!). This is made in China, so it’s not surprising to me that it looks like the world’s worst tasting slice of pizza! The Chinese are not known for their pizza making skills or pizza tasting appreciation.. then again, neither is most of the US (I’m looking at you Papa Johns/Dominos/Pizza Hut and people who order that crap! Real pizza doesn’t come off an assembly line).

3 thoughts on “Pizza USB Flash Drive Perfect for Columbus Day Data

  1. This idea i think is good but the person who has described it has described it as a rubbish idea and you shouldnt buy it. It also says you can store all your pizza ideas but nothing else……. so rubbish!!!!

  2. Dear Sir,
    This is Helen
    I want order your Pizza Usb drive for my shop, 1gb, 500pcs, would you please tell me how much is it ?

    Best Regads

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