Giant Human Head Shaped Pizza Oven

Adam Lindsley from This is Pizza scooped out this gigantic head shaped pizza oven at Marcello in Vancouver, BC. This enormous Neapolitan style wood-burning oven is in the shape of the Sun God- the Mediterranean symbol of prosperity. Unfortunately per Adam’s review, the oven did not bring the pizza any prosperity in taste, as he called it the low point of his visit to Vancouver. Here’s your pizza upskirt shot:

He complains that the crust was not charred, a mix of dried herbs was used instead of fresh basil, and Adam says the crust, sauce and cheese all needed salt. The fresh mozzarella “was so utterly devoid of flavor that I swear it actually leeched some of the precious life force from my tastebuds”. Then he had the taste of burnt garlic flooding his mouth. “Those particularly astringent bites made me grasp for my water glass to wash them down away from my tongue as quickly as I was capable.” Adam goes on to insult most of the people of Vancouver, “most Vancouverites know little about pizza” before dishing out a barb at the city itself calling it “a pizza wasteland”. But hey, at least the big head pizza oven was cool.

2 thoughts on “Giant Human Head Shaped Pizza Oven

  1. What a different take on a piza oven! Makes a definate conversation piece but I don’t know about seeing it in my backyard everyday. 😉 I like the brick ones better…

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