Pocket Size Laser Projector

pocket projector2
The Pico Pocket Projector from Microvision turns almost any device into a projector. There is a small standalone projector, capable of displaying images up to 100 inches diagonally (but only 12 inches in bright light) as well as an embeddable projection module that is actually inside your cellphone. This will allow you to have a projector anywhere you go so there’s no need to bring along your granny glasses to watch movies on your iPhone anymore.  You can hook up the standalone laser projector to anything- your Wii, video iPod, portable media player or laptop.  The possibilities are limitless.
pocket projector
bookofjoe via UberGizmo

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  1. How exactly do you hook up a projector to a video iPod? There’s no external or input jack for such a use.

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