iPhone Video Projector

The iPhone is great for taking videos and watching them if you’re by yourself. But if you wanted to share your videos with a group of people, you either have to play the “pass the phone around game” or upload them to a computer (which is still less than ideal). Hammacher has a solution with The iPhone Video Projector, an LED illuminated projection system that projects videos on a wall or screen up to 18 feet away. The system can project an image up to 110″ diagonal, which is huge!

But if you’re going to be sharing videos with a group of people you’re going to want bigger sound than what comes out of the iPhone’s tiny speaker. No worries because this projector system also has a pair of 3 watt drivers with an on-board dual 7 watt amplifier to give you crisp robust sound. The manual focus projector has a 30,000 hour lifespan on it’s 800 lumens LED bulb. Supports most iPhone and iPod touch models and includes a remote control. Buy it for $299 at Hammacher (use code FREEFEBS for free shipping through 2/28/11).

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