Pocket Sized iPad/iPhone Projector

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a projector anywhere you go with the iPad Pocket Projector. A free app lets you project a 6″ to 60″ diagonal image onto surfaces 8″-78″ away with a 35 lumen LED. Project anything- YouTube videos, your web browser and surfing sessions, and more. This is the only pocket-sized projector we could find that plugs right into your 30 pin charging port. No wires, no cables, no mess, just plug it right into your device:

An internal lithium polymer battery gives you 2 hours of projection via charge. It recharges via USB cable and can also serve as a backup battery for your phone! This projector is small enough to take with you, measuring a scant 3″ x 2″ x 1″ and weighing only 4.5 oz. Great for business or personal use- now bring on the vacation slides!

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