Hendekagram is a Gramophone Earbud Amplifier

The Hendekagram from qed design (whom you might remember from their cool iPod egg holder) is simply a giant gramophone style amplifier for your headphone earbuds. The horn’s shape amplifies the sound without electricity to reach a volume suitable for a living room. Just slip the earbud into the narrowest part of the horn like so:

And voila! Look, totally not awkward at all:

The whole retro gadget movement is very hot right with people converting old tape decks and boomboxes into use with iPods and lesser MP3 players, so why not take it back much much further to the pre-transistor days of the gramophone. Kick it really old school.

2 thoughts on “Hendekagram is a Gramophone Earbud Amplifier

  1. You know, you can buy portable speakers that aren’t ENORMOUS and cumbersome… I mean, this is a really cool idea and really interesting, but really impractical.

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