Coffee Cups with Heat Activated Built In Sleeves

In the “old” days when you got a cup of coffee to go, they’d double up on the cups to ensure that you didn’t burn your hand on the hot beverage. Then a few years back someone decided to start offering cardboard sleeves that go around you cup to help you hold the cup thus saving a cup (and making inventory numbers a much closer match to sales, for anyone out there who has ever had to account for the management side of a food service place). Well what if there was a cup that had a built in sleeve that fluffed out when a hot beverage was added to the cup? There is!

It’s called Heatswell and it could revolutionize the hot beverage industry. Before use, the integrated sleeve allows you to stack the cup just like a normal coffee cup. There’s no sleeve to slide on or slip down, and there’s no separate sleeve shipping costs. The collar has a cloth towel-like feel when it swells up via an endothermic reaction and the added cost to a cup is less than the cost of a cardboard sleeve.

The Heatswell is in the working prototype stage and is just looking for some buyers at this point. Sounds good and those sure are some pretty pictures but I bet you want to see this thing in action. Well here’s the video:

via dvice

2 thoughts on “Coffee Cups with Heat Activated Built In Sleeves

  1. this could be a really great idea, although it does look rather odd. I wonder if it would still fit in a car cupholder…

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