This Jeweled Locket Contains Earbuds Inside

earbud locket in use
Wearable tech just got a bit more chic. Stellé Audio just announced the Earbud Locket. This stylish octagonal crystal necklace on a dual chain has a hidden secret inside- a pair of Bluetooth enabled earbuds. When you’re not listening to music or taking phone calls they hide discreetly within the necklace. But flip it around and unlatch the back to reveal the technology hidden within.
stelle earbud locket open
The earbuds have 6mm drivers for good sound quality, while a built in microphone allows you take calls. The side of the locket contains volume and call control buttons. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 10 hours of playback time.
earbud locket closed
The Earbud Locket will be released sometime soon and will be available in two colors: Midnight, a luminous onyx, and Seabreeze, an aquamarine blue. Comes in a carrying case with a hard outer shell and with 3 sizes of earbud tips. Retail price will be $199.