10 Most Unusual Vending Machines

Here’s some of the most bizarre and unusual vending machines we’ve come across. You truly can buy ANYTHING in a vending machine, even some things you probably don’t want. If you like this post, please deposit 25 cents in the slot (or share with your friends). Here we go:

Gold! It’s a gold coins vending machine. I hope you brought a LOT of quarters.

Bicycle vending machine from the Dutch (who else?!) is appropriately sized for the bikes it sells with a hole that fits the weird looking bikes. And if your bicycle breaks down there’s always the:

Bicycle parts vending machine! I can’t imagine there’s much of a market for the few specific parts it stocks but it’s there if you break down in the middle of the night.

Weed vending machine. Set up for medical marijuana patients at a clinic in Los Angeles, the vault-like machines require your fingerprints to dispense the good stuff.

12 pack vending machine
12 pack vending machine. Everything really is bigger in Texas. This should be standard everywhere. And you don’t need to give your fingerprints to get the good stuff. Just a lot of quarters.

The Live Lobster Claw game isn’t technically a vending machine since there’s no guarantee you’ll get a lobster, but if you can snag one in 30 seconds you’ll have yourself a $2 lobster, a heck of a deal and a heck of a meal.

smashing vending machine
Plate smashing vending machine doesn’t give you anything other than the satisfaction of smashing chinaware to bits. But oh what satisfaction that is.

sneaker vending machine
Sneakers vending machine. Because if there’s one impulse purchase you’re going to make while walking down the street, it’s probably going to be either a snack or a new pair of running shoes.

nathans machine
Nathan’s Coney Island hot dogs vending machine. Rabbi certified as Kosher. Craziest Gadgets certified as delicious. That’s hot.

human vending
The Human Assisted Vending Machine has a man inside to help you with your vending selection. Don’t shake the machine! Worst job ever.

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  2. you forgot to include the pizza vending machine. it makes you a whole pizza right in front of you and boxes it(if i remember correctly)

  3. The Gold vending machine is in Germany where the biggest coin is €2 and banknotes start at €5. So you don’t need to bring a lot of quarters. This vending machine als o seems to accept banknotes which makes the whole thing much easier.

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