Tembo Trunks Silicone iPod Earphone Amplifiers

Here’s something a little different- Tembo Trunks look like some sort of silicone kitchen tool but they are actually iPhone earphone amplifiers. These stackable, collapsible, speakers work with your standard issue white Apple earbuds (other earbuds might fit too). You slip your earphones in the back and it can raise the volume of music to 80db (about a 30db increase). Check out the video here to see and hear them in action, you can see how they collapse when not in use too:

They use a simple acoustical horn shape to raise the sound levels up. The cool thing about Tembo Trunks is that they don’t require any batteries or power, no cables or wires, are waterproof, dustproof, stackable and fail proof. They come in 5 color choices for $39.