Phonofone III Puts Your iPhone Inside the Horn Speaker

There’s been other horn shaped iPhone speakers that we have covered before but never one with such an unusual placement of the iPhone itself. The Phonofone III has a spot to place your iPhone right inside the horn. Wouldn’t that partially block the sound? Science and Sons designed this passive amplifier and since this it the third version of the Phonophone (we covered the Phonofone II a few years back) and they have Science right in their name, we’ll assume that the sound magically goes around the iPhone or something
The speaker is made from ceramic and amplifies the iPhone’s sound by a magnitude of 4 without the use of any power. Released last week at a price of $195, the Phonofone III is just one of an edition of 50 serial numbered pieces. Now to just wait for the matching white iPhone to be released (I’m not holding my breath on that one).

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