Earbud Knitting Kit

If you think that I’m going to knit my own earbud wraps I have two words for you: Knitter Please. But apparently a lot of people are into this whole “do it yourself” thing (probably the same people who are anti-robots, drive manual transmission cars powered by leftover oil, and wash dishes by hand in their mud and straw house they built using a pulley attached to a bicycle for power while bowing down to their red-headed noodling guitar hero Trey Anastasio) and would love the Earbud Knitting Kit.

The kit comes with everything you need to knit your own tangle preventing earbud cozy and accompanying pouch- which is basically some yarn and needles and instructions from my perspective. Comes in “eggplant” or “sage”, just like you plan on naming your first two kids. $25 at Uncommon Goods.

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