Plush Puppy Spray Bottle Covers

dog spray bottles
Uhmm so I’ve never really felt the need to have to cover up any of my household cleaning product’s spray bottles before but if I did I would definitely cover them in plush puppies. And yes, I started this post with “Uhmm”, Mrs. Jastry from 9th grade English would be so proud right now if she hadn’t died so horrifically comically (literally she got knocked out by a falling bookshelf in the library which led to some injuries that eventually killed her- very ironic and tragic- true story!).
dog spray bottles2
Oh those Japanese and their quest for all thing Kawaii (no, that’s not an island in the Pacific with palm trees and tiki huts and frozen fruit drinks, it means “cute”, although yes technically Japan is an island in the Pacific, not sure on the frozen rum drink situation there though). Maybe if I covered my spray bottles with dogs I would leave them on top of the counter instead of hiding them in shame underneath. Or not.

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