LugCup is a Go-Anywhere Cup Holder

Ever wished you could have a cup holder wherever you go? You can with the LugCup Drink Cup Holder, the portable cup holder. The LugCup adjusts to fit most cups and bottles:

It’s velcro straps attach to strollers, wheelchairs, luggage, shopping carts, bicycles, treadmills, and more. Non-slip rubber keeps your drink in place. Unlike other single-purpose cup holders (like those for a bicycle or stroller), the LugCup can be used in all sorts of different places. Why should you buy separate cup holders for all your different activities when you can just use an adjustable one like the LugCup everywhere?

The LugCup is small enough to make it a versatile travel gadget that you can use on a daily basis in many different applications. We dig it.