$15,000 Coffee Maker Shaped Like a Jet Engine

Fly high with this aeronautically theme espresso machine. The Jet Engine Coffee or Tea Machine is an accurate looking 1/4 scale version of a real jet engine. As you would expect from a device this luxuriously priced, it’s hand crafted. But not from ordinary metals. Oh no. This it the high test stuff, like that Civet Coffee that’s made from that Indonesian cat-like animal poop, except instead of beans in animal excrement, it’s metal. Heavy metal. The Judas Priest of coffee makers. We’re talking aviation-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, 316 stainless steel, and 7075 aluminum-bronze alloy. Is your Keurig made from aviation-grade anything? Didn’t think so.

Slide back the jet’s cowling and inside is your espresso machine. You can also brew tea in there. A pair of buttons on the base let’s you choose your serving size as it fills up your diamond encrusted mug or your solid gold travel mug. This coffee maker is a beast- weighing in at over 65 lbs! That’s a lot of aviation-grade aluminum. Would make a great high end gift for anyone into aviation, or perhaps someone with a private jet would like this onboard or at home to keep the jetsetting theme going and caffeinated.