CarPuchino: The Coffee Powered Car

It’s the world’s first coffee powered car! The Car-Puchine was created by BBC1’s Bang Goes the Theory program out of a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco. Surprisingly the car can hit up to 60mph.

It takes a little over half a pound of coffee for every mile driven or about 56 espressos per mile (how many frappes per mile is that? about the same?). Cheap coffee costs around $5 per pound, so we’re talking about $10/mile. By comparison at $3/gallon for gas and 25mpg, that’s about 12 cents per mile. And lets hope you don’t want to fill up on Starbucks premium roast…forget about it.

Of course that doesn’t factor in having to stop every 40 miles to add in more coffee grinds and then every 60 miles to change the coffee filters. I’m going to assume you are buying pre-ground coffee and not grinding your own beans, cause that would be just silly. But at least the car probably smells fantastic. You can make back some of that extra cost by saving on car air fresheners and of course coffee breaks.

via art car central

2 thoughts on “CarPuchino: The Coffee Powered Car

  1. Do your math again. if its a little over half a pound of coffee for every mile driven and cheap coffee costs around $5 per pound, so its $2.5 per mile. By comparison at $3/gallon for gas coffee is actually slightly cheaper. Stop using gas and supporting terrorism. Who cares about global warming?

  2. and that’s why i’m not a mathematician. but note that gas is still only $0.12 per mile, so it’s still much cheaper. so not a great alternative BUT maybe someplace where coffee is grown it would be a viable alternative.

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