Papervore Coffee Table is Also a Shredder

The Papervore gets rid of all those magazines and junk mail that clutters up your coffee table by shredding them. In case the giant crank on the side didn’t give it away, the Papervore is basically a gigantic shredder with a top large enough to hold your drinks or feet. And yes it’s a real coffee table that you can buy for $1,250 (I don’t know who actually would, but you could if you wanted). It measures 16″h x 31″w x 16″d and is made of powdercoated bent aluminum, mahogany, oak, and acrylic. Maybe if you had gerbils you could keep them in there and they’d have a constant source of new bedding. Or you could fill it up with shredded paper and sit inside it like a giant uncomfortable beanbag chair in a box. Great for you next tax evasion party- shred the evidence in a jiffy.

via red ferret