Be a Ghostbuster with this Ghost Projecting Shooting Game

skull shooting game in action
Who ya gonna call? There’s no need to call anyone actually because you can bust the ghosts yourself with The Visions of Johnny the Skull Deluxe Set. You see Johnny the Skull has a major issue- he sees ghosts everywhere. And he needs you and maybe a friend to help him out by blasting them into ghostly oblivion. Get those ghosts out of your house.
ghost shooting game
The skull rotates his head all around, projecting ghosts in various directions onto the walls and ceiling. The game comes with two blasters, each gun counts the number of ghosts shot. Whoever shoots the most, wins (although when you eliminate ghosts from your house, everybody wins. Except the ghosts.)
visions of johnny game
This arcade style shooting game is fun for the whole family. The guns make a realistic firing sound when shot and the spooky ghosts make a realistic (I guess? ) moaning or wailing sound when they’re hit. Perfect for your next Halloween party or anytime you feel like busting some ghosts. Which should be all the time. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.