Skull LED Red and Blue Fog Lights for your Car

Nothing says classy like a pair of grill mounted skull lights on your luxury automobile. These tiny tiny lights can shine either red or blue, neither of which is probably street legal in the US. Supposedly these skulls will increase the safety of your vehicle by letting your car be more visible but in reality probably not. There’s nothing I can possibly write here that will top this quote from the product description:

Super high brightness light will make your car looks bright and beautiful, thus can give your car a sense of romance, warm and noble, making it differ from other cars.

Because nothing says warm and noble romance like a pair of 1 inch skull lamps on your bumper. I love just sitting in a candlelit room on a plush rug in front of a fireplace, sipping fine wine and eating chocolate covered strawberries while blasting the Barry White from my car stereo with my LED Skull Lamps shining in through the windows. Ahh the peak of romance.

Skull Lights product page