Moving Pac-Man and Ghosts

Pac-Man, star of the eponymous greatest and most famous arcade game ever, was made to move. In fact he HAS to move or he dies at the hands of the ghosts. Although technically the ghosts don’t have hands. Wasn’t this just like the plot of some movie with Keanu Reeves and a bomb on a bus where the bus had to speed along and maintain a certain speed or everyone goes buh-bye? I believe it was.

Anywhoha, these plush Pac-Man and Ghosts are superior to all other stuffed Pac-Men because they actually move. Powered by a pair or AA batteries these guys stand 8″ tall and have moving moving moving action. It doesn’t say how they move, probably with wheels on the bottom or by magic or something.

Buy ’em at circlered via geeksugar