Emperor Palpatine Cake

When I saw this Emperor Palpatine Cake, I thought hey this has to be only Palpatine cake out there because what kind of maniac would let their kid put such an evil character on a cake? A quick Lycos search (lol just kidding- Google) quickly proved that theory wrong because in fact we covered one right here back in the ’00’s. Man the aughts were a blur, amirite?

Of course that one was more cartoonlike, so I will dub the 2011 Palpatine cake as officially “the most realistic Palpatine Cake ever made”. Now I see there are two names on the cake, so clearly one of these kids is the evil twin exerting his influence in all birthday related matters over the weaker “good” twin. I’m betting it’s Bradley, you can’t trust a Bradley.

(photo credit to flickr)