10 Foot Long Plush Seaweed Toy and Break-Apart Tuna

giant seaweed toy
What kid wouldn’t want to play with a toy that looks like a giant piece of kelp? In America we have our teddy bears but in Japan they have their seafood dolls. This 9 meter long plush seaweed is soft and fun for kids to imagine they are floating in an undersea world of wonder. Or they can be chefs like kids pictured above. Personally I’d be more like a creature emerging from the sea, covered in seaweed, ready to destroy the city. Or something like that. Might even work as a scarf. If your kids want something more animated (and educational, not that seaweed isn’t educational) there’s also this:
plush tuna
A break-apart actual size skipjack tuna! I’m not sure how this one managed to escape your child’s list for Santa last year but maybe this year it will top the list. The parts of the fish separate so your budding sushi chef can learn exactly how to slice up the tuna. Great prepping for your kid’s future on a Discovery Channel show. How bad could it be, both the kid and the fish are smiling? If you’re willing to shell out $120 each and know a little Japanese you can buy them here. (via)