TF11: Ganndroids Plush Android Phone Case and Dolls

In a sea of plush animals at the 2011 Toy Fair we found the geekiest of them all- Ganndroids! These plush dolls of the Android logo character were originally created by the Gann Memorials company as a one-off promotion item for Google to celebrate their Android Operating System. When the design proved popular, Gann put the wheels in motion and is putting out a full line of these plush mascots ranging from 3 to 12 inches tall.

The most interesting one we found is above in the first photo- it’s actually a plush cell phone case- great for your Android phone. The Gann representative said it’s just a prototype for now- the finished product will fit tighter to the phone and have a belt loop. And yes I did take these pictures with my iPhone. Look for them in stores in about a month.

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