Chair Shaped like a Phone

phone shaped chair
The First Call Chair is designed to look like an old school cradle handset. With form following function here, it’s actually a great place to sit and take a phone call in semi-privacy. Almost like a phone booth (remember those?) for your home, except more comfortable and with less urine on it.
phone chair
The Dutch designers of the chair, Ruud Van de Wier, suggests this for public locations such as waiting rooms, showrooms, airports and such. That actually makes perfect sense since people these days have no qualms about whipping out their cellphones and talking loudly pretty much anywhere they are. Maybe if they had a designated spot that was comfortable and gave them some semblance of privacy, they would keep their conversations to a reasonable volume level. Probably not. Either way, cool chair that reminds me a bit of an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair with some extra flair. (via trendir)