Badass Adirondack Skull Chair

Check out this badass skull chair by Bokusenshi. I’m no chair expert but I’m pretty sure this is the world’s most awesome Adirondack chair. Love the detailing on the arm rests, double skull action. It actually looks pretty comfortable too. We’re going to have to classify this in the WANT for my backyard section here. Heck, here’s a shot of it in the artist’s (Mathieu Naud) backyard in Winter:

The artist says he made it from “wood fences”, not sure if he’s referring to just the back or the whole thing or something got lost in translation there but either way great job.

10 thoughts on “Badass Adirondack Skull Chair

    1. I found a guy in MN who makes an adirondack chair similar to this with new cedar wood and a skull pattern from a local popular ink artist. Shoot me your contact info and I can share with him

  1. You know you can make money here by selling the plans to this, I’d pay for sure. So,what you waiting on………………..

  2. gibt es den stuhl auch zu kaufen ich finde den stuhl echt hammer geil
    würde gerne wissen wo und wie viel der stuhl kostet
    würde mich um eine antwort vn euch freuen

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