Two Backed Chair Shows the True Function of the Chair

Chairs- is there any place better to hold your jacket or your bag? Also they’re probably pretty good for sitting on, but I wouldn’t know anything about that due to being diagnosed with Weeblebutt which causes me to wobble around and off flat chairs. Thus I’m relegated to the couch until someone finds a cure for this disease. It’s an inherited condition, here’s a picture of my whole family (I’m the one with the W on his shirt):

But I definitely use chairs to hold my stuff. And since so many people do too, why not actually make a rack on the back of the chair to hold these things? The result is a chair with an extra back that reveals the true nature of the object- to hold more than just people but also their personal items. It was designed by Leon Li and Ryan Ran. Now your creepy friends can put their coats on your chair and you no longer have to fear bedbugs (or worse) jumping from their tattered rags to your back. The space between the two backs makes a fine bag holder too. I’d kind of want these if they weren’t made of tree branches.

via doornob