Full Size Street Legal Batmobile Replica

If you happen to find yourself with an extra $200,000 burning a hole in your pocket and with spare room in your garage, why not pick yourself up an Authentic 1966 Batmobile? Bam! Kapow! This custom built car is built on a Lincoln chassis and puts out 430 horsepower. Best part- it has a rear facing propane tank to create that flaming afterburner effect (is that safe for cars behind you?!)

Inside the vehicle (and we apologize for the lack of any closeup photos- what’s up with that?) is the same switches and beacons as the original Adam West driven Batmobile. They’ve even added a few touches the original car didn’t have to keep this one street legal- rearview mirrors and a rear camera. Incredible- I’d love to grab one of these and pick the kids up from school in it. I’m just $199,000 short- maybe next year.