Tank Turned into a Bar: Great for Doing Shots

Got a spare tank hanging around? Sure, we all do. Why not chop it in half and make it into a bar? Shots for everybody! Better than getting shot. It’s recycling at it’s best. All it takes is a few bar taps, a nice wooden top, some padding on the side…and oh yeah- a tank. Reverse angle:

Now before everyone gets their manties in a bunch here- yes this is actually from an armored transport vehicle and not a tank per se. I believe it’s actually a Soviet BMP. A commenter says it’s an M113 armored personnel carrier. But once you chop the top off and it’s just treads and an armored side, same difference, right? Either way, I want to drink here. (via)

5 thoughts on “Tank Turned into a Bar: Great for Doing Shots

  1. It’s actually from a US M113 APC (armored personnel carrier), looks like an M113A3. Driver would have been about where the corner is with the engine to his immediate right.

    1. There’s no way to tell if it’s an a3, they have external fuel tanks that’s your only visual clue. i don’t see them here but they would be above the cut. The a3 also had a different transmission and they added either a turbo or super charger, I forgot which. The little licence plate on the back tells us this is from the danish army, the watermark is also a pretty good clue. I don’t think they ever used the a3 but some googling should clear that one up too.

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