Tank Turned into a Bar: Great for Doing Shots

Got a spare tank hanging around? Sure, we all do. Why not chop it in half and make it into a bar? Shots for everybody! Better than getting shot. It’s recycling at it’s best. All it takes is a few bar taps, a nice wooden top, some padding on the side…and oh yeah- a tank. Reverse angle:

Now before everyone gets their manties in a bunch here- yes this is actually from an armored transport vehicle and not a tank per se. I believe it’s actually a Soviet BMP. A commenter says it’s an M113 armored personnel carrier. But once you chop the top off and it’s just treads and an armored side, same difference, right? Either way, I want to drink here. (via)

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5 comments to Tank Turned into a Bar: Great for Doing Shots

  • thats one bar you would want to thread carefully! … il get my coat!

  • David

    It’s actually from a US M113 APC (armored personnel carrier), looks like an M113A3. Driver would have been about where the corner is with the engine to his immediate right.

    • Steve Lynch

      There’s no way to tell if it’s an a3, they have external fuel tanks that’s your only visual clue. i don’t see them here but they would be above the cut. The a3 also had a different transmission and they added either a turbo or super charger, I forgot which. The little licence plate on the back tells us this is from the danish army, the watermark is also a pretty good clue. I don’t think they ever used the a3 but some googling should clear that one up too.

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