The Most Ridiculous Custom Cars You Will Ever See

extreme custom scissor car
Custom cars are quite popular (Xhibit, Pimp my Ride!) but as with many things, in Japan they take it to the extreme. How extreme are their custom cars? How does a Toyota Celsior UCF20 with gullwings, scissor doors and a split hood sound? Did I mention it has 24 monitors inside the car (yes that says 24) and took 12 years to build at a cost of 10 million yen (over $100,000)? Yeah, that’s pretty extreme.

And then there’s the $280,000 Batman van which took 13 years to finish. Oh and it cost the owner a divorce in the process. There’s also the rocket launcher van. This is some truly wild stuff, check it all out in the video below:

watashi to tokyo via pink tentacle

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