Scooter with Flamethrowing Exhaust Hits the Streets

We’ve all had those horrible driving experiences where another driver cuts us off or annoys us to no end. Taking revenge on those other drivers is always a thought but taking action on those thoughts is a whole different story. But that’s just what one 30 year old plumber from England named Colin Furze did, he attached a flamethrower to the back of his scooter.

Yes he could definitely burn cars with that thing! It’s rigged up to send flames shooting 15 feet behind him. A button on the handlebar sends the flames a shooting. Sure, it might look like he had the spicy bean tacos the night before but you wouldn’t say that to his face (or rear) lest you feel feel feel his heat.

Talk about burning rubber! Lucky for us, it’s not street legal since the flamethrower is technically considered a weapon in the UK (unlike here in the US where most people drive around in a fire spewing tank).

dailymail via gizmodo

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