Giant Lightsaber Pocky: Snack Like a Jedi

Pocky is the greatest Japanese snack food ever. And now, they’ve somehow managed to make it even more awesome. Not only are these Pocky giant-sized, they are also Star Wars themed. These 8″ long Pocky come in three flavor/characters. Yoda (not pictured) is green tea flavor, obviously. Luke Skywalker is grape?! and Darth Vader is strawberry. Yes the colors make no sense in relation to the movies but just go with it I guess. Besides, grape is delicious.

These definitely make a better fighting sword than pretzel sticks (probably not pretzel rods, though- those things are tough as nails as far as snack food battling goes). Now since they probably don’t sell Giant Pocky in your local supermarket, and less likely Star Wars Giant Pocky unless you live in Japan or Naboo, you can buy a box here on eBay. May the Force be with you. (via foodbeast)