iPhone Case with LED Notification Display

There’s one thing the iPhone 5 can’t do (ok, Android fanboys, yes there are many things but for this post let’s focus on one): give you visual notifications when the phone is turned off. There’s no indicator lights or anything like that, when you get a message it pops up briefly on your screen and then turns off. The Endliss Smartcase gives you a flashing billboard of an alert by adding an array of LED lights to back of a case.

The multi-color LED lights flash and form various notification images to alert you to an incoming message. Works with Twitter, Facebook, texts, calls, emails. It syncs to your phone via Bluetooth. The case is a battery case, so there’s enough extra juice to power the LED lights as well as give your phone a little boost. No price or availability announced yet. Until then, I’ll just continue to obsessively check my iPhone every 3 minutes to make sure I don’t miss anything. (via chipchick)