Jenna Jameson’s Blinged My Little Pony iPhone Case (SFW)

Fans of Jenna Jameson may have seen her flashing the goods around town. And by the goods we obviously mean her blingified My Little Pony iPhone case. In fact she just showed it off for America’s most popular TV executive Andy Cohen (photo credit) on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Uhm yeah that’s her, apparently she’s had a *little* bit of work done on her face for those who don’t quite recognize the former adult film star. But back to the phone- it’s actually called Magic Rainbow Pony phone:

It’s a three dimensional My Little Pony sparkle bling case complete with a mane of hair dangling off the side. We did a bit of research for you and yes you can buy the Magic Rainbow Pony phone case here at available for a wide array of phone types (they all appear to be slightly different, so it’s not an exact match to Jenna Jameson’s case but it’s close enough). It’ll run you about $100 though. Hey, bling ain’t cheap people.

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