iPhone Case that Lights Up Using the Flash

sparkbeats case
Make your iPhone light up like something out of Tron with the Sparkbeats case. This interesting case has a wavy channel on the back of the case that uses the phone’s built-in LED flash to light up the entire case. The light is reflected throughout the lines on the whole case and there’s an on/off switch on the bottom so you can still use the light as a flash for the camera.
The whole thing is controlled through an app that does more than just turn the light on and off. The app also lets you set the phone to light up as a visual alert for texts, emails, push notifications, and more. It also lets you set a few motion-sensitive settings so you can use your phone as some sort of flashing rave accessory at a concert or club. The kicker is that it actually looks really good even when it’s off, the ribbons of light form an organic-like pattern across the the back of the case.