Facedrink: The Social Energy Drink

Get your social drinking on with Facedrink, the Social Energy Drink Shot (yes this is an actual product available for sale on Amazon). Coming in the likely-copyright-infringing blue bottle with the Facebook-like font, it promises to “give you social energy”.

This 2.5oz energy drink shot combines tropical taste with long-lasting energy. Facedrink has no sugar or carbohydrates, and is only three calories. It also promises not to “poke” you, post 30 different cartoons on your wall at once, endlessly “check in” at places, post obtuse status updates like “this is more than I hoped for”, invite you to play virtual games, tag you in embarrassing photos from high school, or tell you to “like” it’s best friend’s cousin’s all-girl bluegrass dubstep punk band. The taurine and caffeine combination will however give you a pick-me-up. (via)