Twitter Name Necklaces

twitter necklace
Nothing says I’m dedicated to social media like a piece of jewelry with your Twitter name on it. Really if I had my way I’d be walking around with a necklace for every single one of my various usernames in all my social networks like an ubergeeky 1984 Mr. T. So maybe you’re not quite ready to go all B.A. Baracus but you’d just like your Twitter name on necklace- well you can have it.
twitter necklace2
The SOTH Social St@tus collection from Survival of the Hippest can turn your Twitter name or any Hashtag into a necklace, keychain, bracelet, anklet or pin. Really a hashtag? Wow. Great for meeting your Twitter buddies in real life so they’ll know what you look like. Or not.

BTW if you’re not already following Craziest Gadgets on Twitter, now is the perfect time to do it. Sometimes we even post crap there that’s not posted on the site. And by crap I mean good crap, not junk crap. And I promise you no updates about what we ate for lunch or dinner and how we’re feeling and various minutiae that nobody cares about. Just the goods.

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  1. Hi,
    Hi my name is Raffi and I designed totaly new style 3D name Necklace.If you are intrested please send me an Email addres,to send you a few Picture sample.I am located in Los Angeles.
    Thank you…

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